The Citizen's Self Defense Course

In today’s society violence is becoming a much bigger concern. Everytime we turn on out televisions or look on social networks violence is going down somewhere. It can almost seem insurmountable at times. Then on top of that you have many people trying to take advantage of that and scare people into classes. The Citizen’s Self Defense Course is a 1 Day course that anyone can do. There are no complicated techniques that take loads of practice to become effective. We use the same adaptive response concepts that we apply for our police and security programs that have been proven and time tested all over the country. The main focus of this course will be target aquisition and getting you away safely.
When your talking about self defense the part that gets overlooked alot of time is self protection. We define self defense as the physical act of defending yourself and self protection as all the things you probably overlooked to put you in that situation. Being informed and educated is a huge part of self defense. Along with physical techniques you will also learn about:

Judicious Use of Force
Awareness and Avoidance
Verbal De-Escalation
The Pyramid of Violence
The Question Diagram
Family Contingency Planning
and much more

On top of all that we also have alot of fun! In this course we also apply modern learning technologies such as sequential learning and procedural memory so you do just spend the day doing something you won’t remember tomorrow. This class is about actual learning not just memorizing. If this interests you then drop us a line on the contact us link. We look forward to working with you!