The Self Defense Weapons known as the "Defenders"


This is the Training course for the defender weapon. There’s so much I can say about this weapon and its versatility; I never have enough room to say it all. It’s simply the best fist-load weapon out there period. Before I tell you about the course I want to talk a little more about this incredible self-defense weapon. This weapon has designs like the guppy that is great for security companies because it will give them a pain compliance tool that fits with their use of force policies. I want to put this on the table for you. I go to a lot of facilities and I see the security there. Sure some are big guys that could toss someone in a second. However, I also see a lot of older people and a lot of petite women working in these high-security areas that would probably need backup if something went down. Having been in the areas myself I know full well that most security officers don’t have the training they need to do the job the way they want to. I hear the same complaint all the time. They know what needs to be done but companies and government agencies are so scared of liability that they paralyze themselves and put their people in harm’s way. Well, this weapon works and it can fit into your use of force policy. This weapon can take someone down without injuring them and causing a lawsuit and has a great course to back it up that takes less than 2 hours to become proficient in.

For women’s self-defense, this is a great weapon as well. Because of its design, it is not only a pain compliance tool but also a force multiplier. Some models are small enough to put on a keychain and work just as well as the bigger ones. This weapon is the best thing you could carry for close attacks. Let’s look at some of the other things that are out there.

There are a lot of things out there like different types of pepper spray and tasers and those things are great but, they are designed to be used at a distance. What do you do if the attacker is already on you and you don’t have the time to take something out of your purse or fiddle it out of your pocket? This device attaches to you with what is a breakaway lanyard. If you can put your hand on it then it’s ready to go. So it isn’t something that you have to try and get out of a holster with fine motor skills under stress. This is designed for close-quarter altercations. This tool can also be attached to you in various ways so that it can easily go unnoticed. It can be carried in many places other tools designed for self-defense just can’t go.

In this course, you will learn the core principles to become proficient in the use of the defender tool against many varied attacks. We can also do training in car defense and ground fighting with this weapon. We are sure that once you know how to use this weapon the possibilities will be endless for you. It’s just that versatile.




The Defender 1 is the most versatile tool in the defender line. It has all the bells and whistles. If you are new to the defender line this is a good tool to get started. After you practice with it awhile and figure out your favorite functions you can always pick up one of the advanced models. For you movie buffs out there this is also the model that George Clooney used in the desert scene in the move “The Men Who Stare at Goats”


The Defender 2 is a natural progression from the Defender 1. This bonking part isn’t there(if you don’t know what bonking is there is a video on it up top) but it has two pointed ends instead. It also has two serrated which are good for sliding between the fingers and twisting to break a grip. I used to hang one from my rearview mirror as a defense against carjackers. The points don’t necessarily cut but they will scratch you enough that you will know it real fast!


The Guppy was the original Defender many years ago. It doesn’t have the points or serrated edges but where it lacks in that it makes up for it in other areas. See the other tools might look like something. In some places that don’t matter but others, it may matter a great deal. The Guppy can go places that the other weapons can’t go and that could be a huge advantage for you


The Spec Ops 2 is a smaller more compact self-defense-tool. With it being smaller the leverage allows you to retain it easier when situations get hairy. It has a curved beak-looking part that can be used for striking but is very good for hooking and pulling. The butt of the handle also goes well between someone’s ribs to push them away if necessary


Here we have the Swan. I have to tell you out of the entire line this one is my personal favorite. It’s the model that I carry with me when I travel. Being a grappler myself I like the hooking parts on it as well as the points if I need to get somebody off of me. You can’t go wrong with this one!


The Stealth Parrot

This next model is called The Parrot. It was the first Defender I saw with a closed beak side and an open beak side. It still has that good pommel as well as the closed beak so you can hook with it but also that new open beak side where you can get after some fingers if needed


The Ronsonator

The Ronsonator is named after documentary filmmaker Jon Ronson. Mr. Ronson made a document called Crazy Rulers of the World which you can find on Youtube in 3 parts. This documentary was the inspiration for the film The Men Who Stare at Goats. Ewan McGregor played Ronson in the movie. Master Peter Brusso, the creator of the Defenders. was featured in the documentary.

This model features a serrated edge as well as two open beaks and two offset points at the bottom of the handle. This is a more aggressive tool designed for military-type use.



The Owl

Along with The Ronsonator, the Owl is one of the most aggressive models. Before using this I’d strongly suggest watching the video. This model has points, beaks, bevels, and even a side just for defending against chokes. This is really designed more for professional use. What I mean is that it goes in situations where it doesn’t matter if you have something that looks like a weapon. The bottom line is it’s very effective and not to be taken lightly.


The Stealth

The Stealth is very similar to the Spec Ops in the way that it’s a smaller tool so retention becomes easier due to the leverage gained. It can even fit in your pocket. it kind of looks like an ice scraper doesn’t it?  I think I’ve actually used it as one a time or two. Looks can be deceiving. It can be a very effective tool for you arsenal


The RP Defender is the newest model. This tool can fit well right in your pocket. It’s not much bigger than a credit card. It’s about 4 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The RP stands for Robert Pearson who is a fan of the Defenders and did a fantastic job on this model. It has a serrated edge on it as well as points that you can use. It can be worn comfortably a variety of ways. Goes well with our lanyards as well as the new Kydex holster!

Easy carry Options

So here we have The Lanyard. It’s designed with a quick-release mechanism the way most lanyards are in factories. In factories, it’s done that way for safety reasons. For our purposes, it’s done for quick deployment. It’s usually good for about 1000 snaps. The chords can come a little bit long because needs can vary. You can easily tie knots in them to get them the desired length. The Carabiner you see it attached to in the photo(the hook)can easily be purchased at Wal-mart, Target, etc.

Here we got a Neck Rig for you. The holster on it attaches through the digit capture holes on the the defenders that have them. Now be careful because these holsters won’t work with a tool that does not have a digit capture hole. The Swan would be an example of a tool that doesn’t have it. So make sure you look first.

This is the new Kydex Holster with a Robust Clip that fits well on almost any gear you got. With these holsters though remember the tool needs to have a digit capture hole to work with them.