Self Defense for Security

 In many places such as college campuses and your larger hospital districts they may have their own Police Departments as well as separate security patrols that are not commisioned officers. More often than not these patrols are not allowed to detain anyone and many have to do their jobs unarmed. This can be a precarious position because many times these security officers run just as high of a risk of being assaulted especially if it’s known they don’t have the authority to detain. If you have a security patrol like that then this course is for you. The simple fact is that if you can’t detain then police defensive tactics may not be right for you. You need self defense to allow you to get that distance to report. In courses like this grappling may not be as relevant because if your fighting to flee then it doesn’t make sense to be grabbing anything. So in this course you will be learning actual legal self defense that can be backed up in court. It’s pretty damned effective too! We use the same concepts as our S.T.A.R. Method course and even some of the same positions but the goal and strategy to attain it is different. Currently this is a one day 8 hour course. If your on a security patrol you need training! We’ve already trained clients such as The National Weather Center, Stephenson Research & Technology, Oklahoma University, & Oklahoma University Risk Management(Fire Safety). If you need this course(and many do) then drop us a line on the Contact Us link above and ask us about this course