Over the past year or so we’ve been very fortunate to be able to travel and officer this program to some fine officers. The feedback we’ve received from then has been great. It lets us know we are doing the right things. We just wanted to show a few of the many emails we’ve received. Thanks
This is a practical course that works, is easy to learn, and remember, and one that
employs effective strategies. This is a hands on course that helps to insure your
return home at the end of the shift. We have 148 officers who will benefit from
learning these defensive and offensive strategies.

Captain Frank Bertone
Director-Training Division
Harris County Constable
Precinct 3
I am a police defensive tactics instructor, of which I have been since 1983. Throughout my career, I have been contacted by numerous people from the Martial Arts discipline that had a “new and improved” system or product that they were trying to sell to law enforcement. Usually, these systems were not compatible with law enforcement use of force instruction or policies. As police instructors, we need systems that are teachable to all law enforcement personnel regardless of strength or skill level and are within in guidelines of departmental use of force policies. I found the STAR Method to be a universally teachable method that is retainable by the average law enforcement officer. I teach the method as the ultimate “getting your butt kicked prevention” system and I highly recommend the system to other law enforcement defensive tactics instructors.

Marvin J. Collins, M.S. – Sergeant
Hedwig Village Police Department, Texas
I have been a Corrections Officer for about 17 years now and I am currently a Federal Corrections Officer . I started Reality Based Martial Arts training approximately 2 years ago mainly for my line of work which is becoming more dangerous and I solely have to rely on my verbal skills and defensive techniques for survival . The mindset of working in a correctional setting is if the officer has a less than lethal weapons or any type of weapon it can be used against him or her , so basically I don’t carry pepper spray or a riot baton or A.S.P. etc. I am taking it upon myself to get the training I need to survive working inside prison walls . I am getting a late start in martial arts type training so I decided to go the more scientific /modern approach, which is more of a gross motor skills set or in layman’s terms, straight to the “Meat and Potatoes” approach . I had the privilege of attending a S.T.A.R. seminar given by Professor Paul Green at my dojo. I was encouraged by my Sifu to attend because he knew this type training was important to my line of work . Professor Green’s seminar was one of the best training seminars I have ever attended. Mainly because Professor Green’s concepts were easy to learn and make sense . Professor Green made the training effective enough to stop and subdue an attacker and made the moves simple but very effective without causing severe injury or death to an assailant. This is very important because in law enforcement type work there is always liability factors involved anytime force is used . I wish I had this type of training when I first started in corrections, then I would have sustained less injuries from some of the assaults that I have endured in my career.

Cruz Cordova
Federal Corrections Officer
Being a Female Police Officer and not very tall, the S.T.A.R Method gave me alot of simple ways. The techniques on entry into any opposing person works very well regardless of size. They never expect what happens next. The setups for easy handcuffing work well in that the subject is already in the handcuff position on the ground. This course is easy to learn and is effective immediately. The next part for me will only add to what I already learned and enhanced my skills. Thank You Paul.

Rena Chase
Department of Air Force Police
Fort Sam Houston,TX
Dear Mr. Green,

I am writing this letter to express my formal gratitude for the training that
you have provided me over the past several years. Stonewall Tactical has proven
to be an step in the right direction as far as combative programs are concern.
I have found that your curriculum offers practical solutions for todays
“defensive tactics” problems.

Your development of the STAR Method Course has provided the
Law Enforcement Community with an economical, practical and effective form of
self defense that is on par with any other system offered today.

I would hope that you would share your training system with other members of the
Law Enforcement and Military communities. Combative situations in today’s
society require direct, decisive and ethical action.

I would recommend this program to any agency or personnel looking to integrate a
practical and effective defensive tactics curriculum into their combative’s
program. I look forward to training with you in the future.

Michael McGee
In my professional career as a Law Enforcement Officer I have encountered many
seminars and mandatory training regarding defensive tactics. I was introduced to the
STAR method and found something that I believe that could be beneficial to officers
and security personnel. Professor Green has given his contributions to Martial Arts
and transposed his teaching to an “ABC” outline for the LEO and Security Personnel.
The days of taking years of Jedi training are over! This simplistic form of tactics
will provide officers with the confidence to suppress any attack to merely child’s
play. I can attest that not all officers are willing to go through hours and years
of training to achieve a level of confidence that will propel them to a status of
the ultimate crime fighter. I encourage department heads and administrators to make
the STAR Method a part of its defensive tactics curriculum. The modern day peace
keepers will have a “full cup” of knowledge when they walk away with a certificate
of completion from Professor Green. Thank you for your committed and relentless
efforts toward the Law Enforcement and Security Personnel community.

Senior Officer R. Dozier
Houston Police Department
Houston, TX
This is a very well instructed course the methods are very well taught. I was in the US Army for 15 years and having just come home from over seas along with alot of other men. These men are well trained in combat and fighting and just what the Police academy teaches you as a officer is not going to be near enough to prepare you. I stand behind this course and will stand behind it. Mr Paul Green is a great instructor thank you again.

Officer Fred House
Brookshire Police Department
I just completed the S.T.A.R. (Stonewall Tactical Adaptive Response) course. I was very impressed with the instructor’s knowledge and ability. This type of training will benefit Police and Correction officers as well as Security officers in their daily job function. This course deals with real life situations in survival and controlling and restraining suspects, and convicts who are attempting to assault and or inflict harm or injury on you. As a former Police officer and current Corrections officer this training is invaluable and I highly recommend it to all my fellow Officers out there. Thank you Instructor Paul Green and for a bruising time, but well worth it.

Thomas LoBasso
Texas Department of Corrections
I attended the S.T.A.R Method Course in January 2012 instructed by Paul Green . Paul was knowledgable about the techniques and applications as well as having a solid background in the related field. They instructed the course in a way that it was easily understood, which made it easy to learn and use. Paul told the other officers and myself if we needed assistance or updated information to let him know. Paul stood by his word as we have maintained contact since completing the course. This course utilizes basic yet effective,
proficient and proven techniques to protect officers when confronted by aggressive
subjects. I recently instructed my first course to officers at my department and
received positive feedback regarding these techniques and its effectiveness. I
recommend this course to any department looking for a system that works to maintain
their officer’s safety.

Corporal Jeffrey Stern
Pearsall Police Department
Just wanted to take this time to show my appreciation on behalf of my department as well. The training we received with Stonewall Tactical in March has played a pivotal role in the confidence of all the jail staff. The entire jail staff has been trained using your defensive tactics. The simplicity and real-life methods has made this course very simple and natural to teach. I would definitely recommend your training tactics to any of my peers in the Detention/Jail business. thank you.

Lt. Martin Y. Gonzalez
Atascosa County Sheriff’s Dept.
Jourdanton, TX
To ALL who are interested in this course,
I am a Police Officer for the University of Texas Police System. I have been involved in the martial arts for well over 25 years and have competed in several MMA tournaments. I took the S.T.A.R. Defensive Tactics Method for Law Enforcement Instructor course in Jan. 2012 and was very impressed !
I thought the training was superb. The trainer, Paul Green, is extremely knowledgeable in this field and was outstanding in the manner in which he delivered the information and his openness with the class. I heard nothing but positive comments from fellow officers in the course. I like that all of the techniques are designed as win and learn. The S.T.A.R. Defensive Tactics Method for Law Enforcement gives the Officer (students) the core skills in critical situations for “Officer Survival”. This course offers simple solutions to officers instead of over complicated techniques that officers have problems remembering.
As a Certified Instructor for the S.T.A.R. Defensive Tactics Method for Law Enforcement, I have taught this course to every officer in my department (62). I have not received a single “negative” comment on the class evaluations, not one! I am excited to see Paul Green return to Texas as my department will be hosting his re-certification class in San Antonio, Texas (UTSA) in February 2013.

Ed Gonzales
San Antonio, TX